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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Distance Learning Center Mission:
Distance learning by following the needs and developments in the field of distance education, it is aimed to create the courses offered in the internet supported education in a dynamic structure, to make a breakthrough in the new projects on this field and to be a competitive, innovative research center.
Vision to realize this mission
Presenting course contents in accordance with world standards in the internet supported teaching.
In distance education, which creates a competitive environment and can lead in this environment.
Using the latest technologies in Internet-based teaching
Preparing the course content offered in distance education in a dynamic structure
to be a distance learning center.
We have adopted the basic principles of our university and reflected these basic principles in its mission and vision.
Basic Principles
To be attached to Ataturk's principles
Believing in critical awareness in a non-dogmatic way
To believe in the universality of science
Be innovative
To possess universal ethical values
To give importance to harmony and solidarity within the department
To make continuous improvement a common culture
Do original research
Meeting the needs of society
Our department has identified two basic policies in line with the mission and vision. These policies are given below.
Our quality policy
By establishing an effective and efficient quality management system, it is possible to achieve high quality and dynamic output from the inputs existing in the direction of achieving the targets determined at the center and to increase the satisfaction of those who benefit from the services in the center.
Education and research policy
To effectively use and disseminate information technologies in distance education, to follow innovations in Distance Education and to create innovative environments
Continuously measuring the quality of education Providing new formations by following the researches made in the field of distance education
Establish a bridge between industry and public institutions and distance learning